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Swain Health Insurance Solutions specializes in health insurance. 
We help business owners build better health insurance & benefits packages than they can get anywhere else. We support employees and their families for all their health care and treatment needs.  







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Don't Your Employees Deserve Good Health Plan & Benefit Options?

Does your benefits strategy attract top talent? Are you losing key employees to your competition?

In 2018, the average annual premium for employer-based family coverage rose $980.80 to $19,616; for single coverage, premiums rose $206.88 to $6,896.  How will this trend impact your total compensation budget by 2022?

Do you have a benefits budget strategy for the next 3 to 5 years?

Are company earnings growing faster than health care inflation and wage growth?

How do you support your employees who need specialized access to doctors, hospitals and drugs?


Do your employees get enrollment help from a certified professional who has pledged to always act in their best interests?


Do you feel over whelmed with the amount of government regulation and compliance?

Is the time you are spend administering benefits stressing you out and stealing time away from your more important dominate priorities?

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how hard it is to provide the health insurance & benefits your employees want & need, while preserving your business earnings from year to year.  We solve your benefits problems and make you stand out as the Health Insurance & Benefits Hero!


John Swain, CEBS, CFP has been a health care advocate since 1990, assisting individuals and business owners to find health insurance plans that meet their unique needs. He is a certified financial planner and certified employee benefits specialist with over 25 years of experience helping clients get the medical services they require while meeting their financial goals. Having a daughter and many close friends with difficult-to-manage chronic illnesses, he is motivated to ensure the proper coverage of important medical services on an individual basis. Contact him for help identifying the best health insurance plan for you. 

Free Employee Benefits Benchmark Report 2019

Since 1990, Swain has served many of the most recognized companies including:


Your business depends on good employees to grow and prosper.  Attracting and retaining talented people requires a good balance of compensation and benefits.  Our clients use health plans and benefits as part of their total compensation strategy to reduce turnover and create loyalty.  We help you develop a long term budget strategy that will make your people happy and help you control your total compensation budget.

John A. Swain is both a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Employee Benefits Specialist and is uniquely qualified to help you navigate the plan options and recommend choices that are sustainable to the business.

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We believe all Americans should have good access to quality doctors, hospitals, drugs and treatment plans.  When you need lifesaving treatment, you should have access to to the care you want.  We help your provide choices in plans, carriers, networks and coverage.  You can sleep well knowing you have someone who cares about your access to good providers and treatment plans.


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Business Health & Benefits

Be a Benefits Hero to your employees & company

Being a hero is easy when you have a guide to help you succeed. We solve your budget problem of providing good health plans options employee want, while preserving your business profits.  We do that by offering more choices and creating a strategy that builds employee loyalty and appreciation.

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Individual, Student & Family Health Plans

Coverage for you and your family

We help you protect your family with good medical, dental & vision plans.  Plan options vary by age, income, region, carriers and network.  We will find you a plan that gives you the access you need at the best price available in market.  We will review options through Covered California and direct to the carriers.

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Medicare Supplement Plans

You are turning 65 or already have Medicare Part A & B

We help people new to Medicare or who want to change plans on their birthday.


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